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Psychosomatic osteopathy (Basic)

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In osteopathic training (3rd year), completed osteopathic training

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In a two-part course series on psychosomatic osteopathy with Torsten Liem, effective practical approaches to the treatment of trauma and dysfunctional soma-energy experience patterns in a clinical osteopathic context are taught.

– Diagnostics of somatic-energetic-psychic dysfunctions
– Therapeutic relationship
– Palpation of somatic dysfunction and ANS
– Palpation of somatic dysfunction and emotional states
– Osteopathic approaches to emotional regulation
– Perceiving and differentiating patterns of belief
– Stabilization work in the osteopathic setting
– Dynamic resource organization and co-regulation
– Bonding work
– Indications and contraindications
– EMDR standard protocol in the osteopathic setting
– Osteopathic heart-focused palpation
– Osteopathic Felt Sense
– Bifocal Integration®
– Right-left balance and bilateral stimulation
– Solving somatic-psychic dysfunctions with breathing techniques
– Myofascial vibration
– Trauma: diagnosis and osteopathic treatment approaches
– Difference between acute and complex trauma work
– Chronic pain: treatment protocol

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Torsten Liem MSc East, MSc Paed. Ost., DO, DPO (DEU)
Head of an osteopathic teaching clinic & development of various osteopathic M.Sc. programs Programs; trained in psychotherapy, NLP, hypnosis, trauma therapy and EMDR; co-founder of Breathe Yoga.

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