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This weekend is aimed at osteopaths who would like to take a closer look at women's health issues. The weekend will cover all aspects of normal function in the gynaecological system, starting with an overview of physiology. Participants will then learn to take a meaningful gynaecological history so that they can understand the pathophysiology in this system, which is not taught in the undergraduate course. From an osteopathic point of view, movement is the most important thing. In other words, the more an organ moves, the more alive and functional it will be. Therefore, the study of the anatomy of not only the organs but also their ligaments, fascia and supporting bones becomes very important. Unlike gynaecologists, osteopaths assess the relationships between the organs differently, as we look at the mobility and motility of the organs not only on their own, but also in relation to each other. And we do this again because it influences function. An example of this is a uterus with a large fibroid that presses against the sigmoid colon and leads to the symptom of constipation. The course includes practical sessions using both external and internal techniques to assess the pelvis. Spinal mechanics and their relationship to the nervous system in relation to the gynaecological system are also taught to illustrate the connections between the different body systems. Cranial, visceral, functional and structural techniques are taught to give participants as many tools as possible to "fix as many problems as possible". For those who are not willing or able to study the internal techniques, a very realistic model is used to teach the techniques in a way that allows everyone to fully participate.


Stephen Sandler PhD, DO (GBR)
The female hormonal cycle and its effects on the surrounding connective tissue and joint mobility is one of Dr Sandler's main areas of research. Dr Sandler has taught various aspects of osteopathy and its techniques worldwide for over 40 years. From 1975 to 2017 he was a senior lecturer at the British School of Osteopathy in London. He now works as an external examiner at Anglia Ruskin University and has been a consultant osteopath at Portland Hospital for 20 years, specialising in women and children. In addition to a DVD on Osteopathic Functional Technique, Dr Sandler has published three books and various papers.

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