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Osteopathic Approach in Animal Practice Part 1

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Completed osteopathy training, veterinary practitioner, veterinarian

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5 in stock

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  • Basics of ethology and bodywork with animals (especially dogs)
  • The concept of somatic dysfunction: what it is and how to find it
  • Methods for the assessment and treatment of somatic dysfunctions in dogs
  • Indications and contraindications for manual work on dogs
  • Articulation techniques: History, principles, methods of application
  • Practice of articulatory techniques on the spine and extremities of the dog
  • Rationale, evidence, indications and contraindications of articulatory techniques

We need 8-10 dogs for this course. You are welcome to bring your dog with you. Please contact us at :  webmaster@osteopathie-schule.de


Paolo Tozzi, MSc East, DO, PT (ITA)
Doctorate in Osteopathy and Posturology. Co-Director of the School of Osteopathy C.R.O.M.O.N. of Rome, Director of the first Italian School of Veterinary Osteopathy (S.Os.V.I.). Publications on clinical studies in the fascial field.

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